Why You Should Add a Murphy Bed to Your Guest Room

August 3, 2020

Unlike the master bedroom, there could be little in it for you when designing or sprucing up a guest room. That said, it can be easy to just opt for a cheap frame and guest bed. After all, you won’t likely end up using it anyway, and your guests will only be staying there temporarily. However, you might want to reconsider your guest room design choices and invest in a Murphy bed instead. 

In this article, garage remodeling expert Innovative Spaces, Inc. makes a case for why it’s a good idea to add a Murphy bed to your guest room.

Creates More Floor Space

Your guest room doesn’t always have to be a guest room. And with a bed that you can bring down and keep out of sight as needed, you can create more floor space and use this for other activities. Basically, you can turn your spare room into a multipurpose room. So apart from being an extra bedroom for a guest, you can also use it as a playroom or a reading nook when no one is staying over at your home.

Offers Extra Storage

Murphy bed units can be customized with storage, providing you with more space to organize your stuff. For example, you can opt to attach cabinetry or a bookshelf to a Murphy bed. This would really be ideal if you have limited space or you simply want to avoid a cluttered look. If you need more storage space, you can always consult with closet renovations experts to figure out a design that works for you.

Transferrable and Customizable

Apart from customizing the features of your Murphy bed, you can also choose the finish, hardware and lighting that will go with it. Murphy beds are highly customizable pieces. You can design them any way you want depending on your taste and practical requirements. Furthermore, Murphy beds are portable too. So if you ever decide to move house, you can definitely bring it with you.

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