What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Murphy Bed

May 7, 2020

With a murphy bed, you can use an extra bedroom for different purposes, such as a home office. You can fold out this bed when you don’t need to use it and is usually attached to the wall or a cabinet. However, before getting one, you must take note of a couple of things. 

A home and garage remodeling expert shares factors to consider when installing a murphy bed. 

Take Note of the Layout

Keep the layout of the room in mind as well as the wall the bed will be installed on. You must have the bed on the narrow side of the room is long and narrow. Consider a vertical bed if there is enough ceiling height. If you have a low ceiling or the bed is on the long side of the room, it’s best to go for a horizontal bed. Your contractor should measure the space accurately and make there’s sufficient room for the bed when it’s folded up or down. 

What Will You Use It For?

Murphy beds can be used as different things when they are folded up. They can be used for storage or as a couch or desk, which are great for home offices. You can even have your Murphy bed customized so it has both shelving and a couch. You can consult an experienced home remodeler to help you determine the best features to integrate with your Murphy bed. At Innovative Spaces, Inc., we’re here to help with your home improvement and closet renovations needs. 

Which Mechanism Do You Prefer?

A Murphy bed can either have a piston or spring mechanism. Spring mechanisms may require regular adjustments and special cabinetry. On the other hand, pistons mechanisms utilize air pressure and don’t need adjustment. A lock holds Murphy beds with piston mechanisms in place when folded up.   

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