Tips for Transforming Your Home’s Garage

May 14, 2020

Garages are usually used as storage for stuff that you don’t need inside the house. If yours is getting cluttered or looking outdated, it may be time to give it a makeover. With the help of an experienced contractor, garage renovations shouldn’t be overwhelming.

Here are helpful tips for garage renovation projects.

Start With the Floor

Replacing old, worn flooring is a great way to start your project. Before coating the floor, make sure that the surface has been thoroughly cleaned. All stuff inside must also be moved out.  While doing so, sort out things that you need and don’t need. As much as possible, keep only the essentials to minimize clutter in your renovated garage. At Innovative Spaces, Inc., we install FLEXCore® garage floor coating systems. This product doesn’t fade, offers superior chemical, impact, and abrasion resistance, and features a non-slip surface.

Once the new floor coatings have been installed, the next step is to organize your space. Organize your tools, consider wall storage or shelving, or you may also add new cabinets. There’s so much you can do with your refurbished space.

Smart Storage Ideas

You can save more space in your garage with fold-down workbenches, which you can fold up when not in use. For bike storage, you can use ceiling hooks. Also, if your family members love or are involved with sports, make sure that their equipment is kept together. Doing so will save you a significant amount of floor space. Another way to free up some floor space is by installing overhead storage shelves. These shelves are great for things that you don’t use as much, such as decorations and seasonal clothing.

Ready to give your garage a makeover? Turn to Innovative Spaces, Inc. for superior renovation services. We install high-quality custom garage cabinets, floor coatings, and more. Give us a call at (574) 655-4419 or fill out our contact form for a free design consultation.

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