Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Custom Closet

August 26, 2020

A disheveled closet can be a major stressor, especially during work or school days when moving fast and getting ready quickly are the norm. This does not always have to be the case; your mornings don’t have to feel busy every day.

By simply organizing your closet, you can prepare for work and have your kids ready for school without the usual chaos of finding a certain shirt or pair of pants. But of course, you have to look at the current design of your closet as well. If it’s not serving all your needs, you might want to consider upgrading or customizing it based on your personal needs.

In this post, closet and garage remodeling expert Innovative Spaces, Inc. lists a few common mistakes that you should avoid when planning a custom closet.

Missing Out on an Adjustable System

If you’re sharing a closet with your partner, make sure to account for the different types of clothing that you both have. At first glance, the mix of standard-sized shelves may look like they would work just fine. But if you consider details like how much taller your partner is than you, for example, you’d realize soon enough the issue of where you’re going to put your longer dresses and how you can keep your partner’s coats from curling at the bottom when they’re hung in the closet.

Furthermore, clothing or fashion styles change every season, every year. And your closet will likely have to change along with them. That said, you should aim for a flexible closet instead of a fixed closet. An adjustable system, which features side support rails with increment holes, would allow you to adjust rods, shelves and drawers up and down whenever you need to change it up.

Dead Space Above the Top Shelf

Ensure that your closet renovations won’t result in a dead space above your top shelf. Sure, you can place boxes up there and other seldom-used items or folded clothes. But this usually tends to create stacks of things that eventually start to lean or become hard to access. To avoid this kind of situation, you should design the top shelf 12 inches from the ceiling. This way, you can have enough space for suitcases, a moderate-sized stack of clothing, or shoe boxes.

Shoes Lined Up on the Floor

Shoe storage is just as important as the space you provide for clothing pieces, especially if you have different kinds of footwear. You can’t just dump them on your closet floor and bury them under your hanging clothes. For a cheap fix, you can opt for over-the-door shoe organizers. Or if you have limited space, an adjustable flat shoe shelving that can be raised or lowered would be a good option to consider.

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