How to Prevent Road Salt Damage to Your Garage Floor

December 11, 2020

Salt can damage concrete garage floors during winter, and is one that’s hard to avoid regardless of your driving and parking habits. In today’s post, garage renovations company Innovative Spaces, Inc. shares a look at how salt causes damage to garage floors, and what you can do to keep damage to a minimum. 

Garage Floor

How Can Salt Damage Your Garage Floor?

Road crews sprinkle roads and highways with road salt when the snow piles up and grow slick with ice. Road salt, also known as halite, is similar in composition to table salt but is naturally formed and mined, which means it contains other substances like calcium chloride and liquid magnesium, which helps melt the ice and keep it from refreezing. 

Road salt tends to stick to tires and boot soles and gets tracked into your garage. As it melts along with the snow on your tires, it forms a brine that gets absorbed by bare concrete instead of freezing on top. The brine gets diluted as it’s absorbed by the concrete and eventually refreezes while still in the concrete, resulting in cracks: a phenomenon known as spalling. The leftover salt on the concrete surface results in a subflorescence or salt deposits embedded on concrete pores.

Preventing Salt Damage

Salt on concrete can be cleaned off by professionals, or by using cleaning products intended for this purpose. However, spalling will require professional repairs. Taking preventative measures will ultimately require fewer resources over the long run:

Invest In Floor Coatings — Epoxy or polyaspartic garage floor coatings are exceptionally durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. If your boots or vehicle track road salt into your garage, all of the resulting brine will simply stay on the coating surface, which can be mopped off at a later time.

Clean Your Garage Regularly — The damage caused by road salt doesn’t happen overnight, which gives you time to make sure to mop the brine off the garage floor. 

Lay Down a Containment Mat — Stop tracking road salt into your home by installing a containment mat at every entry door, and making sure the boots are not used indoors. A larger containment mat can also be installed to cover the garage floor. It can be rolled up for off-season storage.

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