Do’s and Don’ts of Organizing Your Garage

August 10, 2020

For many homeowners, the garage isn’t simply for storing their cars. It can also serve as storage space for many other things, such as unused furniture, sports equipment, handyman tools, etc. That said, it’s not uncommon to find a wide array of items locked up in a garage. Of course, this tends to create clutter — and in some cases, people eventually lose the space to park their cars.

Innovative Spaces, Inc., a trusted garage renovations expert, shares some tips on how you can effectively organize your garage.

Do: Plan It Out

Some people prefer spending a full day of organizing, while others find it more convenient to split the task into multiple sessions. Whatever is more conducive for you, make sure to plan it out so that you can use your time efficiently. It really helps to be strategic in your approach to garage organization, and you can do this by taking inventory of all the items you have. Go through all of them and choose the things you’re going to keep and throw away. You should also map out the space that you have and decide where certain things can go.

Do: Use Labels

Labeling can make it so much easier for you to find items without having to dig into boxes — which can also be stressful, especially if you are in a hurry. This is probably one of the main benefits of decluttering and organizing your garage, or any space in your home for that matter.

Don’t: Stack Everything on the Floor

You might want to invest in custom garage cabinets so that you won’t have to pile everything on the floor. Nevertheless, make sure not to go overboard with cabinetry. Keep in mind that your garage should still have enough square footage to accommodate your car/s.

Don’t: Pile Things on Top of Each Other

Great — you have a few cabinets and shelves in your garage! The next step is to ensure that your things won’t pile on top of each other. Otherwise, it only defeats the purpose of having cabinets for garage storage and organization. Imagine having to stack and unstack everything that you have piled up every time you need to get something.

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