Designing Your Home Office

June 28, 2020

If you’re working or managing your business from home, you’d know well enough that having the right workspace is crucial to your productivity. Innovative Spaces, Inc., a trusted provider of floor coatings and storage solutions, discusses the various elements that you should consider when designing your home office.


You may not always have much choice when it comes to the location of your home office, especially if your space at home is limited. However, as much as possible, ensure that there’s enough space for basic furniture like a desk, chair and filing cabinets or shelves. If you’re using certain equipment and supplies, you have to take these into consideration as well.

If your work involves crafts, art pieces, or other tangible things, you might want to have a separate area for production. Your garage, basement, or shed could be perfect for that. You may have to spend on basement or garage renovations, but you’ll definitely need the space to be able to work comfortably.


Having the right layout is often key to managing small spaces or even large spaces that contain too many things. This will help you keep everything organized, especially if you assign specific areas for certain tasks. It lets you avoid clutter, which can eventually create distractions for you.


Of course, don’t forget to install adequate lighting in your home office. Consult with experts to know the types of lights that are most suitable for you. As a rule of thumb, lights should not be directed into your line of sight. It’s also best to include natural light in your lighting plan.

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