Custom Closet Planning: Tips and Tricks

July 7, 2020

Your closet tells a lot about your style as a person. As much as people want to build the perfect closet, it’s impossible since everyone has different style preferences and needs. With that said, no two closets are identical. While creating the perfect closet has little to do with dimensions and form, the functionality should be your utmost priority. Your closet should be able to perform its primary function which is to hold your clothes properly and make it convenient for you to get them.

Custom Closet Planning: Tips and Tricks

In today’s post, your custom garage cabinets expert, Innovative Spaces, shares considerations when planning a custom closet.

Consider Your Clothes

Of course, your clothes are the main items that are being stored in your closet. They are the core of what your closet is being built around. You have to consider the kind of clothing you are going to store in your closet. How many are you going to hang inside? How long are they? Do you need a separate compartment for different colors or materials? You should also consider how you are going to hang your clothes. For example, if you hang folded pants, you’ll require less vertical space that may allow you to install a cabinet above or beneath it. Factors like these affect the way you’ll design your closet.

Consider Your Space

When working on your cabinet and garage renovations, always consider the space allocated for the project. Remember that bigger doesn’t always mean better. It’s better to have a smaller closet space that’s well-designed and keeps everything organized, than having a big closet that’s unoptimized with a lot of space that’s left unused. If you have a lot of clothes, you may consider a walk-in closet, or convert an adjacent room into one.

Get Organized

A well-designed closet maximizes space. Before you take on a custom closet project, make an inventory of all the clothing that you have, and organize them by type. If you notice pieces that you don’t use anymore, it’s better to sell and donate them, rather than let them consume much-needed space in your closet. To design the perfect custom closet for you, you’ll need to know how much clothes you have right now, and how much space is required to hold them all.

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