4 Tips on Long-Term Storage for Clothing

December 4, 2020

Not everyone has a spacious walk-in closet and therefore have to put clothes away for the season or for longer periods of time. You’ll probably want them as close to the same condition as they were when you stored them. In today’s post, the closet and garage organization experts at Innovative Spaces, Inc. share some tips on how to store clothes for the long term. 

Storage for Clothing

1. Clean Your Clothes Before Packing — Make sure all of the clothes are thoroughly cleaned before packing. Stains will only get worse if you leave them as they are. Unclean clothes also tend to attract insects and encourage mold and bacterial growth. Taking the time to clean all clothes before packing them can go a long way in maintaining their condition.

2. Declutter — Decluttering has been trending in the past couple of years, the simplest method of which is to separate the items that make you happy from those that do not. You can maximize storage space by applying this method as you organize your clothes for storage. You can then separate which ones you want to donate, discard, or for reuse, in the case of baby clothes. Having fewer clothes to put in storage can also help make your closet renovations plans more streamlined.

3. Make an Inventory — You probably won’t want to spend hours looking for a specific piece of clothing after forgetting where you’ve put it. Making an inventory of your stored clothes can be very useful. Assign numbers or letters to every box, and make a list of everything that goes into it: clothing color, size, even the season they’re intended for use. You can even put your inventory into a spreadsheet and make it searchable.

4. Use the Right Storage Containers — Cardboard boxes and plastic containers can be used for clothing storage, however, you have to make sure that they’re clean before you put anything in them. Cardboard boxes may attract bugs. Being made from recycled paper, they also tend to have higher acidity levels, which may affect certain types of fabric. Plastic containers may trap moisture, which can encourage mold and mildew growth. Consider alternatives like a clean suitcase—this is like hitting the proverbial two birds because you don’t have to worry about storage for your luggage—as well as including silica gel packets for dehumidification.

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