4 Things You Should Avoid Storing in Your Garage

November 2, 2020

The typical garage is not only a space for housing your vehicles–it is also often used to store a number of things, such as bicycles, tools, barbecue items, and unused furniture. But there are items that you should never keep inside your garage space at all. The premier closet renovations expert in the area, Innovative Spaces, Inc. lists some of them here. 

4 Things You Should Avoid Storing in Your Garage
  1. Fresh and Canned Food. You should never stockpile anything fresh and edible inside your garage. Otherwise, the food will attract a number of pests that will find their way into space. The same goes for canned food. Oftentimes, the garage is not as insulated as the rest of your home. A string of hot days can diminish the quality and shorten the life of your consumables, leading to spoilage. 

    What you should do is keep them in your pantry. But if you don’t have a good one, Innovative Spaces, Inc. can help you with that. Aside from garage organization, we can also handle your pantry design and construction needs. We can also equip your space with all the works, from built-in glass and wine racks to drawers and storage shelves. 
  1. Propane Tanks. Weekends become more enjoyable when you spend them cooking outdoors with family and friends. You’ll need a propane tank to ensure a good barbecue, but this specific item should not be placed in the garage along with other barbecue items. Instead, you should place it somewhere enclosed and secure, preferably a space that’s not connected to your home. The garden shed is an ideal location because it reduces the risk of serious accidents resulting from a leak in the propane tank.
  1. Electronics. We’ve mentioned how hot or cold it can be inside the garage. If you don’t want your DVD player, television, or computer to get damaged because of extreme temperatures, avoid storing them in this space.
  1. Paper Products. If you have old books you’re planning to donate soon, make sure to keep them inside your home. That’s because silverfish thrive in dark and damp environments like the garage. These insects love to eat starchy substances, like the glue used to bind books. To keep books and other paper products intact, don’t store them in the garage.

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