4 Essentials to Ask Before Buying a Murphy Bed

November 9, 2020

When space is at a premium in your home, you should consider getting a Murphy bed. What’s unique about this bed is that it can be folded up into the wall or closet when not in use, allowing you to get the most of your available space. It’s creative and convenient, but you still need to take a few things into account if you plan on getting one. The trusted garage renovations company in the area, Innovative Spaces, Inc. shares some of the important questions you should ask first. 

4 Essentials to Ask Before Buying a Murphy Bed
  1. Are Murphy beds comfortable? Looking at these wall beds, it makes you wonder whether you’ll have to sacrifice comfort for convenience. But no worries–the bed frames used in Murphy beds are designed for conventional 10 or 11-inch mattresses. You won’t have to worry about box springs, bars, or lumps poking you in the back when you’re lying down. This allows for uncompromised comfort for every night, or when guests are visiting. 
  1. What types of Murphy beds are there? Versatility is one of the many advantages of a Murphy bed. It is available in different styles that allow it to suit a variety of needs. For instance, the ORG Home® Murphy beds offered by Innovative Spaces, Inc., the premier floor coatings company, can be concealed behind bi-fold doors, which can open wide and lock in place to reveal a twin, full, or queen-size bed. If your home has an open layout, you might prefer our flip-up desk Murphy bed. This particular choice provides a multipurpose solution that serves as both home office and bedroom.
  1. Is it necessary to change the bedding every night with a Murphy bed? Those who have a sleeper bed understands just how much of a hassle changing its bedding can be. But you won’t have to worry about this with a Murphy bed. It comes with a strap that keeps the bedding in place. Just pull the bed down when you need to turn in for the night, and it will be ready to use.
  1. Will the Murphy bed fit inside your room? If you have concerns about your wall and ceiling height hampering the way the Murphy bed is integrated into your home, you just need to consult with a reliable custom garage cabinets company like Innovative Spaces, Inc. We’ll provide you with a customized solution so you can fully enjoy the space-saving benefits and convenience our ORG Home Murphy beds can offer.

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